Connecticut Small Business; Just Be U Magazine

Just Be U Magazine; Connecticut’s Fashion Connection

Its always exciting to see small businesses spring up, and truly show promise. Just Be U Magazine is based out of Connecticut. This incredible fashion connection has implemented new age technologies while displaying what it truly means to be an entrepreneur as a Connecticut small business.

Just be U Magazine website recent blog entries
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Offering opportunities for models

With all of the expensive options out there for models to pursue their dreams, it is refreshing to see a company that works hand in hand with models who have limited to no experience, and give them a chance to shine in today’s fashion industry. Just Be U Magazine also partners with local artists and photographers, giving people with unique skill sets an opportunity to put their experience to good use.

Stitches and Seams Connecticut Small Business Monroe
Stitches and Seams USA Thrift Store gets the opportunity to talk to the brains behind Just Be U Magazine

Stitches and Seams USA Thrift Store is excited have gotten the opportunity to plan some marketing techniques with Just Be U Magazine.

The best thrift stores Waterbury CT

Waterbury CT is home to the Best thrift store

On Wolcott Ave in the heart of Waterbury CT is the thrift capital of CT. Red White and Blue Thrift store is a top partner associated with Stitches and Seams USA Thrift store. Although they do not offer online thrift shopping, they do offer Wednesday senior discounts giving 50% off nearly every item in the store.

Stitches and Seams USA online Thrift Store located outside Waterbury CT
Outside Waterbury CT is the areas largest online thrift store, Stitches and Seams USA Thrift Shop offers nearly 7000 items available for pickup, or delivery.

Waterbury’s best online thrift store is a non profit

If value is what you’re hunting for, then get down to St. Vincent DePaul Society thrift store. Most clothing items at this local thrift store are about $1.00. Although the selection may not be as vast as Stitches and Seams USA online Thrift shop or Red White and Blue, their organization seems to be used mainly for raising funds for those in need. All of their staff in volunteer.

Waterbury CT Thrift Store reviews
The local thrift stores in Waterbury CT offer the best selection for in store shopping.

Comparing gold and blue to Red White and Blue

At this time, SASUSA only offers shopping for online customers, and only sells clothing and stuffed animals, while RWB thrift store offers in store shopping of items in virtually every category.

Doberman Consignment Shop Plymouth Connecticut

Dedicated to a prosperous community through timeless, classic Novelties

I’m Frank, I’m the owner of Stitches and Seams USA. As we continue to grow our online thrift store in Plymouth, Connecticut, we have noticed that a lot of our contributions come from customers who are also interested in Consigning some of their valuable novelties. Doberman Consignment is now the sister company of Stitches & Seams USA. Our consignment shop is geared toward making money with members of the community.

How our consignment shop works

All of our consignors good will be put online for sale on eBay. Our consignment shop is easy to find on route 6 in Plymouth CT. Consignors will fill out a simple form, and all sales will be tracked on a spreadsheet. Doberman Consignment offers a 50-50 split, and takes care of all ebay and paypal fees. While communications in between buyers can be easily accessed and printed for you to view, customers can follow their inventory live in our online store. Of course, customers will be given a private store category which will be completely anonymous.

Making Money in Plymouth CT

In the middle of the summer sometimes it would be nice to earn a quick 50-100 dollars so that you can go to the beach with your friends. Doberman Consignment shop is ready for the challenge to consign at the pace of your needs. If you would like to get the best going rate for your item, we will work with you for 90 days to sell that item at top dollar, if you’re in a hurry, we can rush some items through auctions to get you money faster.

Consignment Shop Plymouth CT make money

What do you have to consign?

Thats up to you. We recommend items valued at $50 or more. do you have some old, broken smart phones laying around the house? Tablets no one uses? What about the old box of toys from when you were younger…believe it or not those Legos you are holding on to are worth good money! Bring us anything from lots of DVDs and CDs to toy collections. We want to build a relationship with you and make some money with you as painlessly as possible. If you have any questions, contact

Frank Ippolito-(203)586-9472