Connecticut Small Business; Just Be U Magazine

Just Be U Magazine; Connecticut’s Fashion Connection

Its always exciting to see small businesses spring up, and truly show promise. Just Be U Magazine is based out of Connecticut. This incredible fashion connection has implemented new age technologies while displaying what it truly means to be an entrepreneur as a Connecticut small business.

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Offering opportunities for models

With all of the expensive options out there for models to pursue their dreams, it is refreshing to see a company that works hand in hand with models who have limited to no experience, and give them a chance to shine in today’s fashion industry. Just Be U Magazine also partners with local artists and photographers, giving people with unique skill sets an opportunity to put their experience to good use.

Stitches and Seams Connecticut Small Business Monroe
Stitches and Seams USA Thrift Store gets the opportunity to talk to the brains behind Just Be U Magazine

Stitches and Seams USA Thrift Store is excited have gotten the opportunity to plan some marketing techniques with Just Be U Magazine.

Bristol Thrift shops contribute to local community and economy

Bristol Thrift Shops; a city’s quiet friendly neighbor

Bristol, CT-As you travel on your daily route east and west on route 6, before reaching the Bristol city line, there are only a few types of businesses that flourish. Thrift shops throughout Bristol, Plymouth, and Terryville stand tall among well established local Pizzerias, corporations, and liquor stores. Bristol thrift shops haven’t even reached their highest potential yet.

Online thrift store Stitches and Seams
Stitches and Seams Thrift store; using enhanced photography actively on social media to market to the CIty of Bristol Thrift Shop seekers.

Bristol thrift shops seem to have a steady hand in the community, even more than people know. Aside for offering people the option to purchase 4 times more clothing per dollar than shopping brand new retail, most local thrift shops also donate partially to a non profit organization. Savers, a Bristol Thrift shop, contributes a certain dollar per pound to Big brothers, big sisters, showing high moral standard for a company of its size.

Smaller thrift shops like Stitches and Seams USA Thrift Store, also offer programs. for every pound of clothing donated, they will contribute .10 cents to a local non profit of your choice. “Everyone wants to help their community, however a lot of people don’t have the resource to do so.” Says Frank Ippolito, owner of Stitches and Seams USA Thrift Store. “We offer a way for people to help donate and contribute to their passion without having to reach in to their wallet.”

Recycle clothing to help your local community
Please Recycle Clothing by donating to Stitches and Seams USA Thrift store.


Bristol Connecticut Thrift Store uses models to display online merchandise

A new way to thrift

Plymouth, CT-a small business has sprung up suddenly in a small town here in CT. Stitches and Seams, An online retailer brings Bristol Connecticut thrift store shoppers a whole new way to hunt for thrifty treasures; Online.

Bristol CT thrift store
Bristol Connecticut Thrift store uses live models Stitches and Seams USA is an online retailer bringing shoppers a whole new way to thrift; online and locally.

“it’s important to realize that times are evolving, and there hasn’t been too many people who have decided to organize the second hand market” Says Frank Ippolito, founder of Stitches and Seams USA online Thrift shop. “It has been one project after another figuring out ways to present all of this clothing in an organized manner to the thrifters of the world. However, at this point in time, we are ready to begin rolling out a well sorted business model”

Bristol Connecticut thrift store Largest online selection

When this blog post was written, Stitches and Seams Thrift shop has over 6500 items available in its clothing and plush selection. With very little competitors in its way, Stitches and Seams thrift store has quickly become the largest online clothing thrift store in the area.

Bristol Connecticut online thrift store
Stitches and Seams USA online thrift shop offers the largest selection of second hand clothing in the litchfield count area

Stitches and Seams online thrift store has began the process of organizing is ebay store in a more user friendly manner. Look for our off ebay boutique soon to be offering thousands of items for sale. Shop the areas largest online thrift store from home, and pick up your new outfit in store, or shipped right to your home!

Interested in modeling?

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