Stitches and Seams USA offers the local Terryville/plymouth area a unique way to get rid of their clothing. Instead of donating them to a thrift store, you can now sell your clothing to SASUSA for .25 cents per pound. Clothing must be brought to the storefront to be weighed and sold properly.


Where are you located?

569 Main Street Plymouth CT, 06782

What are your hours?

I am always available at the storefront from 8:30 AM to 12 noon Monday through Saturday. However, I am open to make an appointment outside those hours.

What do you do with the clothing?

The clothing is sorted and listed for sale on the internet in our online store. We also recycle clothing that is not in good enough condition to sell.

What kind of clothes do you buy?

Clothing should be in gently used condition. Items with a lot of holes and staining should be removed from the batches of clothing. Items should be clean, with no smells of must or cigarette smoke. I buy mens and womens clothing, including tops, pants, shorts, dresses sneakers, hats etc…with no restriction on brands or sizes

Do you buy childrens clothing?

Yes. we offer 10 cents a pound for baby and toddler clothing and a standard .25 cents per pound for juniors clothing.

How do i get paid?

You will be paid on the spot in the form of a check, or Paypal, and if possible, cash.

How do you weigh the clothing?

The clothing is put on a scale and weighed in bulk, with the weights being clearly identified to you.

What do I have to do next?

Either stop down to the store Monday-Saturday 8:30 AM- 12 noon, or get in touch with Stitches and Seams USA to make an appointment to come down to the store outside those hours.

Are you a consignment shop?

No. we do not offer any type of consignment program. If you have unique items such as Jordan sneakers we can work out a different deal other than .25 cents per pound

Feel free to give us a call with any questions, comments, or concerns at (708) USA-SEAM