Rent A Dress Through Stitches and Seams USA

Its Prom Dress Season! Rent a Dress Locally in CT

Our company often wonder WHY prom dresses are SO EXPENSIVE! They are purchased for a very high price and custom fitted therefore any change is size makes it unwearable. Furthermore. most ladies only wear them once anyways. Rent a Dress through us, and never pay top dollar for formal wear ever again!

Stitches and Seams USA is building a solution to that problem. Men rent their tuxedos, and finally, ladies can rent their dresses through us. We display our formal wear on real models so that women can see exactly how the dress will fit.

Why rent a dress?

First and foremost, SASUSA Fashion offers a selection of over 100 different dresses, giving our customers a greater selection than some of the biggest formal wear retailers out there. Next, our service allows a single use item to reduce your cost by over 75%! With those two facts in line, it also is undeniable that recycling and upcycling dresses breeds a cleaner and more efficient environment for generations to come.

Gorgeous Like Blue Formal Slit Dress Rhinestones

Whats the catch?

There is no catch. Stitches and Seams is rebuilding the way America shops for clothing. Who’s to say a piece of apparel is out of season? because a new line of colors came out? Style change, sure, but with a selection of over 6000 pieces of clothing we have something that suits your style. We guarantee it. We Upcycle and Launder our fashion line accordingly. Taking pride in our businessĀ is our top priority because we want our customers to know they are dealing with an honest company. The larger our local outreach is, the more we can reinvent the way customers shop for clothing. Inevitably bringing us closer to our goal of “creating a greener America through timeless, classic apparel.”