Recycle Clothing in Connecticut

With today’s mass production of clothing, Americans discard over 68 pounds of clothing per year. It’s almost impossible to imagine simply throwing away an abundance of apparel when people around the world are in need. Finding ways to Recycle Clothing in Connecticut is easier than you think. Rather than disposing of clothing, Stitches and Seams USA would like to offer some simple alternatives for you!

Please Recycle Clothing
Please Recycle Clothing. Your contributions help to grow local businesses and support local non profit organizations.

What garments are worth recycling?

First and foremost, if you are looking in to recycling apparel, thank you, from Stitches and Seams USA, and Mother Earth. Next, consider all of the uses of the garment being recycled. It may not be something someone would be able to wear, however someone would use the material to create new items. A collection of rock and roll T shirts could make an awesome scarf!

Where to Recycle Clothing in Connecticut

There is a plethora of places always accepting clothing donations. Major thrift chains are very easy to find and know exactly what to do with unsorted bags of laundry. Stitches and Seams USA in Connecticut has fine tuned what major thrift retailers have done. Rather than simply donating, SASUSA is willing to contribute .10 cents per pound to a local association of you choose. Stitches and Seams USA is currently solidifying plans to raise funds with Terryville, Plymouth Little League to raise funds for field improvements.

Other Ways to Reuse Clothing

Some of the apparel might truly be unusable at first glance. For instance, instead of throwing it away, cut it up and use it as a rag. It can be used one time with chemicals or something to wash and reuse over and over again. If you wore your favorite T shirt too much, an alternative to destroying it can be to remove the designs and use them as patches on other pieces of clothing! There is no limit to what can be done with recycled clothing.