Fashion for Taurus; Astrology and Style

The green bull dresses to express themself.

  • Sign: Taurus
  • Color: Green
  • Traits: Determination; relaxed; stubborn
  • Dates: April 20-May 20
  • Fashion for Taurus; the leader in determination and finalization.
  • Stitches and Seams Astrology fashion coffee colored shall
  • Taurus, while being stubborn and hard headed, is well known for its relaxed and comfortable style. Taurus is determined and finishes project through to the end, never losing sight of the prize.
  • lacey skull Taurus long sleeve Tee Green
  • The sensual planet Venus embraces its earth toned fashion as it rules over the zodiac sign Taurus. Venus the Goddess of Love in Roman mythology, Venus embodies beauty, Style, seduction, sexuality, comfort and the female powers of persuasion. In Astrology, Venus is known as the love planet, and enjoys having all its senses entertained. Taurus is a luxurious and physical sign with a sensual nature and a love of stylish and comfortable fashion trends.

  • Taurus light green puffer vest ultra light astrology style

    The Hierophant

  • Taurus’ grounded personality is expressed through their tarot card, The Hierophant. This tarot card expresses the Taurus need to constant expand their knowledge base and general skills. The Taurus’ tarot shows the ability for the bull to find beauty is simple, yet elegant fashion trends. Taurus pairs well with Aries

Taurus winter khaki vest with detachable hood