Connecticut disaster relief for Hurricane Irma

Supporting the victims of our friends and family in Florida
Hurricane Irma Stitches and Seams USA Relief

Connecticut disaster relief for Hurricane Irma. Help us raise funds to support The victims by donating stuffed animals and clothing.As our Families and Friends in Florida begin to asses the damages done by Hurricane Irma, Stitches and Seams Thrift store has decided to lend a hand. Although most of Miami Dade County remained spared, The Florida Keys have suffered a serious trauma. At This time, approximately 7.7 million people are without power. There is 23,000 utility workers from across the country beginning repairs immediately, however it may be up to 1 week before power is completely restored. – Brought to you from

Stitches and Seams will regularly be raising funds for local communities and to assist with people in need around the country. We appreciate your donations of stuffed animals  and clothing. Our goal is to give people who may not have the financial stability to donate directly to foundations an opportunity to lend a hand. Help us build a greener America by recycling clothing while creating a Connecticut disaster relief association.

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