Camouflage is more than a 2017 fashion trend; its a statement

Modern Urban Camouflage is 2017 fashion

As the weather begins to cool, and the leaves change colors, people are beginning to shop for their fall and winter clothing. Fashion trends come and go every season, however this year, we have seen a major upswing is urban camouflage apparel.

Stitches and Seams USA Thrift Store modern camoflage jacket“Because of the recent world events, people feel as though they are supporting the worldwide struggle we face,” says Frank Ippolito. “It’s impossible to ignore all the incidents the occur even within our blessed nation, and wearing modern camouflage apparel makes people feel empowered to say ‘we won’t take it laying down.'” Especially with recent events in Las Vegas, these crimes against humanity have caused so many of us to feel afraid to do the things we enjoy doing.

Stitches and seams USA heavy winter modern camouflage jacket

It’s nice to see a fashion trend this year that actually stands for something, and to see people uniting to make a statement for the whole world to see. Winter is only a leaf-shake away, and it’s great to have an organization so close to home that is staying on top of the demand of Camouflage designs and styles.