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Bristol Connecticut Thrift Store uses models to display online merchandise

A new way to thrift

Plymouth, CT-a small business has sprung up suddenly in a small town here in CT. Stitches and Seams, An online retailer brings Bristol Connecticut thrift store shoppers a whole new way to hunt for thrifty treasures; Online.

Bristol CT thrift store
Bristol Connecticut Thrift store uses live models Stitches and Seams USA is an online retailer bringing shoppers a whole new way to thrift; online and locally.

“it’s important to realize that times are evolving, and there hasn’t been too many people who have decided to organize the second hand market” Says Frank Ippolito, founder of Stitches and Seams USA online Thrift shop. “It has been one project after another figuring out ways to present all of this clothing in an organized manner to the thrifters of the world. However, at this point in time, we are ready to begin rolling out a well sorted business model”

Bristol Connecticut thrift store Largest online selection

When this blog post was written, Stitches and Seams Thrift shop has over 6500 items available in its clothing and plush selection. With very little competitors in its way, Stitches and Seams thrift store has quickly become the largest online clothing thrift store in the area.

Bristol Connecticut online thrift store
Stitches and Seams USA online thrift shop offers the largest selection of second hand clothing in the litchfield count area

Stitches and Seams online thrift store has began the process of organizing is ebay store in a more user friendly manner. Look for our off ebay boutique soon to be offering thousands of items for sale. Shop the areas largest online thrift store from home, and pick up your new outfit in store, or shipped right to your home!

Interested in modeling?

Send us your information and we will keep your information on file to possible schedule a photo shoot!

Doberman Consignment Shop Plymouth Connecticut

Dedicated to a prosperous community through timeless, classic Novelties

I’m Frank, I’m the owner of Stitches and Seams USA. As we continue to grow our online thrift store in Plymouth, Connecticut, we have noticed that a lot of our contributions come from customers who are also interested in Consigning some of their valuable novelties. Doberman Consignment is now the sister company of Stitches & Seams USA. Our consignment shop is geared toward making money with members of the community.

How our consignment shop works

All of our consignors good will be put online for sale on eBay. Our consignment shop is easy to find on route 6 in Plymouth CT. Consignors will fill out a simple form, and all sales will be tracked on a spreadsheet. Doberman Consignment offers a 50-50 split, and takes care of all ebay and paypal fees. While communications in between buyers can be easily accessed and printed for you to view, customers can follow their inventory live in our online store. Of course, customers will be given a private store category which will be completely anonymous.

Making Money in Plymouth CT

In the middle of the summer sometimes it would be nice to earn a quick 50-100 dollars so that you can go to the beach with your friends. Doberman Consignment shop is ready for the challenge to consign at the pace of your needs. If you would like to get the best going rate for your item, we will work with you for 90 days to sell that item at top dollar, if you’re in a hurry, we can rush some items through auctions to get you money faster.

Consignment Shop Plymouth CT make money

What do you have to consign?

Thats up to you. We recommend items valued at $50 or more. do you have some old, broken smart phones laying around the house? Tablets no one uses? What about the old box of toys from when you were younger…believe it or not those Legos you are holding on to are worth good money! Bring us anything from lots of DVDs and CDs to toy collections. We want to build a relationship with you and make some money with you as painlessly as possible. If you have any questions, contact

Frank Ippolito-(203)586-9472

Terryville CT Community Shines even in the Rain

Theres Always Something to do in the Terryville CT Community

On a Saturday afternoon in Terryville, CT, The rain did its best to damper a well planned car show. Puddles filled the back parking lot. However, so did the crowd. People from all over Connecticut came together to show off their love for classic cars and motorcycles. All Things considered, The Terryville CT community showed its appreciate to raise funds for a great cause.

Terryville Plymouth Car Show 2017
Terryville Plymouth Car Show 2017

Pulling local businesses together for a good cause

Pete and Chris Amusements put on a fantastic show, bringing laughter and excitement to the scene. Although you may think their entertainment is just for kids, it was surprisingly funny for adults too. With cotton candy being sold to help raise funds For the benefit of the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.

Indian Motorcycles of Brookfield, The only dealer in CT, made time for the event. Bringing the award winning brand for everyone to admire. Meanwhile, Rolling Video Games of CT had their ultimate gaming bus parked and open for visitors to compete on todays latest video game consoles.

Afterward, Stitches & Seams USA took  a look around The Corner Collective. It was amazing to see all of the talent a small town holds in a single building! From handmade childrens clothing to home baked goods, there is something for everyone at the Collective Corner.

All things considered, it was an amazing day. To see a small town ignore inclement weather and enjoy the versatility of Classic automobiles was a beautiful thing. Terryville/Plymouth CT is exactly that type of town though. All residents of the area agree that keeping the nature of the tightly knit community is a top priority.

Stitches & Seams USA prides itself in being a leader of this goal. We are so excited to be a part of The Terryville CT community and want all of the local businesses in the area to be proud members of the town.

Rent A Dress Through Stitches and Seams USA

Its Prom Dress Season! Rent a Dress Locally in CT

Our company often wonder WHY prom dresses are SO EXPENSIVE! They are purchased for a very high price and custom fitted therefore any change is size makes it unwearable. Furthermore. most ladies only wear them once anyways. Rent a Dress through us, and never pay top dollar for formal wear ever again!

Stitches and Seams USA is building a solution to that problem. Men rent their tuxedos, and finally, ladies can rent their dresses through us. We display our formal wear on real models so that women can see exactly how the dress will fit.

Why rent a dress?

First and foremost, SASUSA Fashion offers a selection of over 100 different dresses, giving our customers a greater selection than some of the biggest formal wear retailers out there. Next, our service allows a single use item to reduce your cost by over 75%! With those two facts in line, it also is undeniable that recycling and upcycling dresses breeds a cleaner and more efficient environment for generations to come.

Gorgeous Like Blue Formal Slit Dress Rhinestones

Whats the catch?

There is no catch. Stitches and Seams is rebuilding the way America shops for clothing. Who’s to say a piece of apparel is out of season? because a new line of colors came out? Style change, sure, but with a selection of over 6000 pieces of clothing we have something that suits your style. We guarantee it. We Upcycle and Launder our fashion line accordingly. Taking pride in our business is our top priority because we want our customers to know they are dealing with an honest company. The larger our local outreach is, the more we can reinvent the way customers shop for clothing. Inevitably bringing us closer to our goal of “creating a greener America through timeless, classic apparel.”

Recycle Clothing in Connecticut

With today’s mass production of clothing, Americans discard over 68 pounds of clothing per year. It’s almost impossible to imagine simply throwing away an abundance of apparel when people around the world are in need. Finding ways to Recycle Clothing in Connecticut is easier than you think. Rather than disposing of clothing, Stitches and Seams USA would like to offer some simple alternatives for you!

Please Recycle Clothing
Please Recycle Clothing. Your contributions help to grow local businesses and support local non profit organizations.

What garments are worth recycling?

First and foremost, if you are looking in to recycling apparel, thank you, from Stitches and Seams USA, and Mother Earth. Next, consider all of the uses of the garment being recycled. It may not be something someone would be able to wear, however someone would use the material to create new items. A collection of rock and roll T shirts could make an awesome scarf!

Where to Recycle Clothing in Connecticut

There is a plethora of places always accepting clothing donations. Major thrift chains are very easy to find and know exactly what to do with unsorted bags of laundry. Stitches and Seams USA in Connecticut has fine tuned what major thrift retailers have done. Rather than simply donating, SASUSA is willing to contribute .10 cents per pound to a local association of you choose. Stitches and Seams USA is currently solidifying plans to raise funds with Terryville, Plymouth Little League to raise funds for field improvements.

Other Ways to Reuse Clothing

Some of the apparel might truly be unusable at first glance. For instance, instead of throwing it away, cut it up and use it as a rag. It can be used one time with chemicals or something to wash and reuse over and over again. If you wore your favorite T shirt too much, an alternative to destroying it can be to remove the designs and use them as patches on other pieces of clothing! There is no limit to what can be done with recycled clothing.

Stitches and Seams of Plymouth CT Vows to Help Local Organizations

Going green for All the right reasons with Stitches and Seams USA

Stitches and Seams USA, a small clothing company located in Plymouth CT, plan to help raise funds for improvements to local non-profit organizations within the Litchfield County area.

Stitches and Seams clothing drive
Donate clothing to raise funds for your local non profit organization

SASUSA is almost done solidifying details of its first campaign: in conjunction with and for the express benefit of Terryville-Plymouth Little League (TPLL,) SASUSA and TPLL are hosting a clothing drive to raise funds for field and facility improvements (e.g. fencing structure repair around The Little League Complex on S. Eagle St.)

Our business, being small ourself, recognizes the opportunity to bring the community of Plymouth-Terryville closer together by building genuine and lasting connections with the local foundations and institutions that actively seek to improve our town.” -Frank Ippolito, Owner

Stitches & Seams USA takes pride in its ability to work with organizations and their busy schedules. In addition to being flexible, it is not difficult to set up a clothing drive and begin raising some funds for your non profit. Rather than setting up clothing bins outside of your establishment, let contributors know of the alternative. Stitches and Seams will pick up their bags of gently used clothing right at their doorstep. Furthermore, the easiest way to start is by creating awareness of the event.  Therefore eliminating any reason to haul around heavy bags! As a result of peoples donations, Stitches and Seams will donate .10 cents to the hosting organization.

How to Get Started

Finally there is a way to raise funds for an organization without interrupting day to day operations. If you are in charge of an organization, feel free to get in touch! SASUSA is always interested in sitting down and putting some ideas together to help organizations.

Flea Market at 569 Main Street Plymouth CT 06782 from 9-4 every Saturday and Sunday Come check us out this weekend for Video games, Clothing, (mens, womens, childrens) and Legos!!! Vendors Welcome!