2017 Fashion trends offer a large variety of womens sweaters

2017 Winter fashion trends; women’s Shalls and sweaters

Aside from the standard stores offering the same clothes in different colors, Stitches and Seams USA offers high quality winter fashion trends guaranteed to stand out in any crowd. Even the long sleeve knits worn for an ugly sweater party will catch the eye of everyone.

Womens Stitches and Seams USA tunic/shall

This gorgeous wild-side shall comes in 5 different colors to match any outfit its worn with. While it’s easy to slip in and out of, this tunic offers a style that is second to none. Made of industry leading materials, easy care and looking good now come in one package.

Stitches and seams USA cozy turtleneck knit

This New York City style turtleneck offers a look of that hand made by grandma. The thick knit sweater will be sure to keep you warm when you’re out with friends or if you’re cuddled on the couch for the evening. The long sleeve sweat shirt flows somewhat longer than a standard sweater, while fits the lower arm in a unique manner.